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Note: This is definitely in Alpha

Project Description
The MOSS HTML Content Editor Object Link allows editors of MOSS Publishing sites to embed html object elements directly into content areas.

This can be used for example to embed YouTube videos directly in content areas, rather than only using a Web Part.

This project is similar to except ERTE provides the functionality for the Rich Text editor

How To Use It
1. Install the feature using standard stsadm commands e.g.
stsadm -o addsolution -filename RTEObjectLink.wsp
stsadm -o deploysolution -name RTEObjectLink.wsp -immediate -allowgacdeployment
2. Activate the RTEObjectLinkInstall feature in the site collection features
3. Add the following line of code to the masterpage or page layouts where the embedded object will be displayed
<SharePoint:ScriptLink ID="RTEObjectLink" language="javascript" name="rteobjectlink-client.js" runat="server"/>
4. Now when you edit publishing content using the HTML Content Control you should see a new icon. Clicking on this will display a prompt to insert the object html. Once the object html is entered click on OK. A link is displayed in the content.


5. That's all there is to it. When the page is displayed the link will be converted to the object

How Does It Work?
The HTML Content Editor that SharePoint provides strips all object script elements from HTML.
The content editor object link bypasses this by storing the object code in the title attribute of a standard hyperlink
The rteobjectlink-client.js javascript file recreates the object upon page load

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